S3 GT-I9300S4 - GT-I9500 Download Mega Wipe

We can liken the process Megawip a hard format. everything that exists is deleted by the phone. WiPeer only we use our population consists of information down a user's preference and the settings in the phone memory are deletions.

Megawip to process existing ROM by phone even deleted, made UPDATEs, brought the remains of the UPDATE will be deleted.

verbatim is a process for the absurd and meaningless problems that occur on the phone. It was tested and recommended by you.

First Megawipe.zip the links we 're downloading.

S3 (GT-I9300) for megawip ( Download )

S4 (GT-I9500) for the Megawip Download

Do not attempt to other phones are incompatible.

1) As explained install CWM such as housing. (You will receive the original CWM installation aborted error.)

2) Megan wipe 's your horse on your memory card.

3) install zip from Cwm - choose zip from sdcard1 - Megawipe.zip - yes install - custom installation - mega wipe - let's choose the file megawipe.zip finish saying and wait to finish my transaction.

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S3 GT-I9300S4 - GT-I9500 Download Mega Wipe
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