LG Laf Recovery Multitool Download

Renamed to LG Laf Recovery Multitool (will work on L90 and LG Volt)
Removed laf.img and recovery.img from zip (download recovery yourself and place in same place as extracted run.bat)
Added options to backup and restore specified partition
Added automated bootloader unlock
Added option to flash recovery to laf partition (allows one to boot to recovery using download mode)

LG Laf Recovery Multitool   Download

First off, thanks to these guys for everything we have thus far:
Android Addict, junkie2100, Cheetopocalypse, biggiephil, bobdamnit, LoneStar, and PlayfulGod

This tool is to help you guys with unlocking in the easiest way possible. Take note that drivers are not included and you may need to

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LG Laf Recovery Multitool Download
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