LG G3 Stock Original Firmware Download

KDZ you downloaded the file. Install the USB driver. You remove the flash lg desktop tool. now "lgflashtool2014.ex to" Let's run the file.

1) Connect the USB cable to the computer Insert Phone Download Fashion Alala the Volume Up key to the Hold and USB cable to the phone. Download Mode button opens unplug your hand. Leave the phone on the floor.

2) Then click on the folder icon, as in the picture above.

3) Open the window that opens, select the file indirğiği is the .kdz say.

4) If you came to the screen in the image above. not to be reset the phone. "Normal Flash" If you want to clear everything "CSI Flash" Click.

5) The next screen "Start" button.

6) before the next screen "Different Country" and then under the "Turkish" select and press the OK button.

It takes the screen as it is above 100% Owned by phone stays a little more, wait. If data errors during this screen "RETRY" click the button. If you can not get close results open the phone and remove the structure from the beginning of this process. Be sure to install the LG drive.
That is all. Do I need more help? Write to me.

İndir: LG Flash Tool
İndir: LG G3 USB Sürücüsü

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LG G3 Stock Original Firmware Download
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