LG G3 Boot Error Verify the Certification Solution

LG G3 rootl and android 5.0 devices, recovery (twrp) .. I want to set the TWRP was assayed by Goolge store manager and flashfy .. disastrous results when I set up the boot file every 2 program ...
I got the same error each time ..

Secure Booting Error! Cause: boot verify certification.
I see this error boot logo and phone warning light starts to burn, remove the battery, and I'm wearing my phone works smoothly.

Custom ROM installation for putting the head, after research from the forum ...
through KitKat, he told me to install a custom ROM then twrp year.
I Kitkat wolf, I rootla phone and I installed TWRP y .. this time I get an error when I restart the phone, I can log in recovery mode a ...
So when I use KitKat running smoothly recovery mode.

Custom ROM (5.0) you have downloaded ROM to I want to, I installed the TWRP such as those described in the installation details ...
Phone I start again

Secure Booting Error! Cause: boot verify certification. I met again, this time with the error to remove the phone battery solutions every time I start, I did not encounter the same error.
Lg I flashed to the phone flashtools with version 5.0, fix the phone, but this time in recovery mode has been deleted ..

In short, I Rom Costa recovery mode u and u was unable to phone ..
TWRP I do not support Android 5.0?

LG drives are installing the links ..Download Phone our "USB Debugging 'mode we are active.
We connect the phone to a computer.
Pc from the downloaded file, we remove any folder that you can access.
Program to run, '' srktool102.ex to '', click on the file ..

The main things you can do programs;
You can make versions of KitKat and Lollipop easily root process ..
Lollipop version of TWRP (Recovery) can install the year.
(See the screenshot program for details.)

Lollipop installing TWRP on the Version consistently meet the 'Secure Booting Error! Cause: boot certification verify 'the solution of the error (Option 2), respectively.

LG G3 Boot Error  (180 mb )  Download

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LG G3 Boot Error Verify the Certification Solution
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