LG DBI Err Fatal Repair Solutions

The solution to the problem:

"Flash Tool" program called kuruyoruz.dah then download the driver to download to our computer kuruyoruz.lg'n "LG G3 firmware" is appropriate for your device from this site (16/32) .kdz're downloading a file and you are ready to upgrade.


2- "FlashTool" We are opening from the program.

3. "USB CABLE" which we wear to bilgisaya only just (insert phone)

4- "SOUND ON KEY" is pressed while holding the "We WORN USB CABLE PHONE" and the phone itself "DOWNLOAD MODE" We keep it pressed until the the Compacts.

5. Device "DOWNLOAD MODE" after a late "FlashTool" program ".KDZ" We find the file

6- "NORMAL FLASH", click on button.

7. On the next screen "NO CHANGE THINGS FROM A" to "START" button, click on.

8. You will then be asked regional and language settings, they say do not change these settings in all forums, but I did turkish change the language setting, and I get an error (up to you)
"OK" and we are that we choose the option to start the installation process. "LOADING UP EMPTY BUT BEWARE BEWARE DO NOT remove your USB CABLE PHONE"

9. Do not worry if the error or errors income "OK" just say go follow the progress at any time poses a problem loading your device etmezler.b
It should take 10 minutes maximum if there is something wrong if it takes longer than that.
The installation process is complete, the device resets, but throws a very long time after opening endişelenmeyin.açıl be 10 - 15 minutes until the unit gets very hot and
very safe then tighten improve your car.

"FlashTool" does not see your device

1. "LG PC Suite" to download and install a program called
2. Run the program and make final update. (It may take longer)
3- "ALTHOUGH ON PHONE WHILE" to the computer via USB cable.
4- "LG PC Suite" to run the program.
5. Download the phone's notification bar and "MEDIA DEVICES (MTP) Tap".
6. In the pop-up window "USB PC connection" touch the top 3 spot next to the post.
7- here "install PC programs" die next to your computer and the warning "LG G3.Ex" to select and install.

LG Flash Tool 2014 Download

LG Phone Drivers Download

LG Mobile Support Tool  Download

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LG DBI Err Fatal Repair Solutions
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