How to Wipe Android Samsung Galaxy Phone

Turn off your phone and then "SOUND ON" + "MENU" + "Power" button and wait for them at the same time to be here. If you have made iconu android with perfect timing and then cwm'miz will appear.

respectively, we need to do here "Wipe / Factory data reset" and "Wipe Cache Partition" short on forwards Down Volume Up key above the selected screen. lara wipe Power key to come in here and come to YES, press the POWER button again.

Hang up the phone after doing all this, and you are ready to take Rom.

Recommended: After the ROM is installed in places like that off before you install the device name and surname is recommended that you do the same. If you turn off the charge by removing the phone restarts.

What is Wipe?

Wipe process, the new ROM that is the process we remove the remains of the current ROM before installing software. Not only before installing the new software, it is able to wipe the device in case we want to reset the existing software.

Is that the software is deleted from the device after making Wipe?

Wipe the ROM devices that process does not delete the software. It deletes all the operations performed on the system. So you have returned to a kind of factory settings. But a much more comprehensive way.

Your existing software will work again after the wipe process. But again you will need to reinstall the entire contents.

What Makes Full Wipe process?

Full Wipe process is the most comprehensive Wipe process. cache in the system, dalvic, clean boot and system data. The most obvious difference is the full process of WiPeer Wipe the boot to delete. Once you delete the file boot in Android, if you do a new boot file flashed to the device, the software is not installed on your device and the device remains unable to find a way to open a blank screen software.

Except they will install new boot ROM and Wipe Full operation is not a very necessary process.

Wipe So where is it done?

Many different manufacturers, offer for sale of the Android operating system to boot with a different system. Wipe to make the process of entering the Android operating system, we need to enter into Recovery.

which we can not lock the bootloader entry to the Recovery mode on Sony devices recalled. clockwork recovery mode and it is available after a new boot file flashed.

In HTC and Samsung can make the normally Wipe the process. Press the power button and the volume down key at HTC, we enter the device menu. We choose the part of the recovery there. The Samsung home, you can enter by pressing the power and volume up.

We entered into Recovery Wipe Where is it done?

After you enter into recovery against our Wipe Data / Factory reset it turns out. Select this option, then we're doing well you apply the Wipe Cash transaction.

To enter the Advanced section Full Wipe; Wipe Dalvik Cache and we need to do in the Wipe Battery Status process. To better understand the process briefly Wipe can also watch our video below. Good time.

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How to Wipe Android Samsung Galaxy Phone
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