How to Install HTC Android Rom

To install from the memory card.

I look directly into the root directory of the memory card 0p6bı file. I'm wearing the memory card into the phone. I'm running with my device which is closed mute + power. Hboot opening in the top right menu and an elongated comic turns and starts to progress. The software is compatible if it passes the position Download now and get early warning, press start button to exit audio upgrade to install, after confirming by sound installation we expect until the download is finished at last finished power key is requesting approval.

Let's open and close this phone with the power button + volume down. hboot menu we face the future.

We are installing the driver files that we download to our computer. Enter driver HTC fastboot file to the folder open anywhere and move 0p6bı file folder.

Make a right click from Maus fasten hold the Shift key on the keyboard in the same folder and open it there, saying the command window to start the cmd year.

Enter the software installation as the fastboot command.

fastboot devices

fastboot oem rebootru the

fastboot flash 0p6bı

fastboot reboot

The software will be installed on your device after this command

HTC driver in Download
fastboot driver adb Download
Adb and fastboot Download

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How to Install HTC Android Rom
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