How to install Firmware from KDZ Files to LG Android Smartphones

You need both of the following software, so download it and install on your computer:

LG Flash Tool 2014 Download

LG Phone Drivers Download

LG Mobile Support Tool  Download

These drivers are for international versions of LG phones. If you have LG phone customized for Verizon, or any other mobile providers, you need to download special drivers from their web sites.

Now you need to find a *.kdz file for your smart phone. There are some KDZ catalogs available on the Internet that can guide you and help you to find *.kdz files via your phone IMEI (International

Mobile Station Equipment Identity) number, for example DevTester catalog.
IMEI number is unique identifier of mobile phones that can be found on mobile phone package, label under battery, or type *#06# code in Phone call app.

When you have downloaded *.kdz file for your phone and installed LG Flash Tool and LG phone drivers, you can start the firmware flash process.

Everything else will be done with your computer.

Now on your computer start LG Flash Tool 2014  Select Type box set to CDMA  PhoneMode set to DIAG.

Click on Folder icon next to Select KDZ file box and  navigate to your *.kdz file and finally click on it and use Open button.

Now you can chose from two variants of firmware flashing:

Normal Flash - install new firmware without data lost

CSE Flash - install new firmware, reset phone to factory defaults and delete all user's data
Pick whatever option suits your needs best and on the next screen click on the START button.

Wait until the LG Flash Tool installs the new firmware to your phone. Progress will also be shown on the screen of your smartphone. After the flash operation phone will be restarted and boot to Android Launcher

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How to install Firmware from KDZ Files to LG Android Smartphones
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