Genius Download Android Root

Genius Root Disposal Program for All Android Phones and Tablets

1) Samsung Drivers file above I have given you absolutely dry before opening the program.

2) Turn the program will meet with this image.

3) Turn on your phone's Settings >> More >> Developer Options (not open on the device 'Click to 5 or 6 times entering the build number) >> USB Debugging mode to activate the computer.

4) to the questions that appear on your phone and try to connect all the "Allow this computer" and confirmed as OK. (Always check your data on other questions without income.)

5) Your phone will restart if a successful binding occurs, remove the cable, close the USB Debugging mode.

6) Re-connect the USB cable, open the Debug mode "Reconnect" operation're doing this for the end of a successful man, and eventually these screens will.

7) the underlying image again will we turn off the program. For those who want to remove the "ROOT" we may remove the root of our phone.

8) We click off and expect to finish the results below.

Genius Root Program for All Phones and Tablets  Download

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Genius Download Android Root
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