General Mobile Discovery Software

After the software update will delete all your data! (Contacts, sms, photos, videos)
Please back up all your data. for the backup process; Google Play Store from working on the computer or backup application can use backup programs.

NOTE: The SIM card phone book memory and deleted data on your microSD memory card.

Downloading and Installing the Update File

Here you can download the software file to your computer.
Note: You need to 2GB of space for installation.

Run by double-clicking the downloaded

Program setup screen will come up when you run. Installation without changing the area within the green belt "Install" button to start.

Please wait until the installation is complete!


The program will be installing the driver installation warning. Once the program is installed, it will alert the driver installation. Please "Install this driver software anyway" to select.

Installation Exit

"Exit" to complete the driver installation by clicking the button.
Starting the program

Please turn off your phone by pressing the power button.
Make sure that the USB cable is inserted into the phone.


the program will open automatically after installation. Additionally, you can contact your desktop shortcut. Please follow the steps below to update.
"Checkswv" You can not remove the tick in the options.
"Download" button
Via USB cable, connect your phone to your computer in the closed position.

Driver Installation
Once you connect your phone to your operating system will try to install the driver. This process takes approximately 3 minutes.

software installation process will begin again when you plug the USB cable to disconnect your phone after it is finished.

In the picture below the yellow bar is 100% "OK" Wait until you see the sign.

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General Mobile Discovery Software
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