Flash Manufacturing Software Update Tool

Flash Tool Manufacturing Software Update Lectures

Charge your device for at least 50% off your device during the update
It must be.

Remove files that you have downloaded from harm.

Open the Flash tool application on the desktop.

Respectively isocusb-Driver-Setup-1.0.4.ex to, ıntelandroiddrvsetup1.5.0.ex to,
Manufacturing flashtool_setup_6.0.41 install exe files.

In the File Settings page of 1.Açıl

SOC devices: VID 8086 PID 09E of

Android devices: VID 8087 PID 09EF by Press OK Apply settings.

2.Fil to your device from the Open part of the Flash file
You choose.

They drive by pressing the Vol + on your device, you need to plug the computer did not start yüklendiktensonr automatically install software to get my başlayacaktır.yazıl press the reset button while holding down the volume + button.

3.yazıl requirement between PCs installed with your başlamıştır.cihaz
You can permanently damage the cable pulling device. I 3.The

4.Flash Tool screen flashed successfully Board typing
100% of the advance section must be green.

the successful installation of the software on your device is made.
Your tablet screen is DROIDBOOT Vol - came to the part of the Power Off button Press the Power button.

Your tablet will shut down your device, press the Power button again will open a software update has been realized.

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Flash Manufacturing Software Update Tool
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