Ezcool M5 Model Software

Ezcool M5, Z5 vs X6 models of software installation process is the same, the steps are expressed in a clear way. These steps are described on our Z5 model.

1- First, it is useful to know that. "Software reload" in the results of operations of the device we wish to emphasize the importance of all data will be deleted. Therefore, do not forget to get your replacement.

2. Adequate levels should be charging your tablet.

3. The installation program will detect the software on your tablet when in off mode, it is useful to know. So, the device is switched off, Flash Tool software installation program will detect your device.

4- Now here you can Download the necessary software.

5. Then "Flash Tool" to install the program Download

6- installed correctly, the first driver to install software on the tablet is required. For this, we must do the following steps first.

Note: If Driver is performed correctly, Flash Tools program will see your tablet, so will not go into the software installation process.

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Ezcool M5 Model Software
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