Disposal format to Android Tablet PC Model

We recommend that you upload your data before taking the tablet format.
Do not dispose of the tablet format are two simple ways.
Open your tablet If you forget your password, you must first back up your data.
Then click on the Settings option (Backup and Reset) Click the section.
On the following page (Factory data reset) you select will become the first tablet. If you forgot the password of your tablet and you can not open, then you need to try the second option.

1 tablet volume up (Audio +) by pressing and holding down the Power button and wait for some time to hold the tablet at an angle.
Screen bowels torn stomach was pierced on Android logo will come a little later and a few articles on the screen.

2. mute after coming Entries (Audio -), you can select text with the key. Audio by pressing the down key (Wipe the data / factory) you can hover over the post and the Power key (Power key) to select. So you OKs.

3. Again, a lot of you still mute to the next article in a list (Audio -) key (yes, delete) option to come over and Power (opening button) to select. So you OKs.

4. Once closed, your tablet will reboot after this process. This opening process can take a long time, because he started throwing format.
so simple to take the tablet format
Android Tablet PC Wipe the data / factory Screenshot - 1

Android Tablet PC Wipe data / factory Screenshot - 2

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Disposal format to Android Tablet PC Model
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