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1-Introduction Tablet PC
The driver must be installed before you can update to the tablet via USB. If you're throwing processing software for the first time, it is sufficient to do this process once, there is no need for you to take the next software driver identification process your transaction.

1. Connect the tablet to the computer with a USB cable in the closed position.

2. until the computer tablet POWER and VOL (-) button on the key. Complete the driver installation process by showing the appropriate driver for your new hardware found wizard appear when operating the USB-Burning-tool-v1.6.28 amlogicusbburningdriver folder under the system. (Either Windows XP and Windows 7)

Tablet Software Update

WARNING: During the software update, you need to disconnect your device's USB connection. Otherwise you can damage the motherboard and the product may not work on another !!!

1. After Driver installation is complete, the USB-Burning-tool-v1.6.28 folder to open the program by clicking on the file ımageburntool.ex.

2 at the upper left of the screen "File" tab and select "import the upgrade by clicking on the" Software "folder in the" CTA-20140508-13A_1.0.8 "Choose the file.

3. If Status "connect" If you see the text, you can press the start button to start the update. POWER Connect your tablet and you do not see the text VOL (-) keys simultaneously to "connect" button until you see the text, then press the start button.

4. When done, the process reaches 92%, the completion of the process may take more than a few minutes. Please wait…

5. The device will restart automatically when the update is complete. When you see the logo, you can disconnect the USB cable CASPER VII.

USB-Burning Tool-v1.6.28  Download

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Casper Tablet Pc Rom Download
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